About Young Stella

Born in Charlotte NC April 24th 1986. He was raised on the west side. Young Stella discovered his talent for rapping in the year 2002 while he was 16. From that time until 2005, it was just a hobby to him. Being told numerous times that he should make a CD and give it to people. He took it in consideration, so he did it. After that point in 2005 he had a thing for making music and started taking it serious.

Being on the grind for years waiting for a chance, Young Stella was already on top of his game just from making music for a passion. Therefore, when his city blew up he wouldn't have to worry about "what I'm going do now that my city is on the map". He felt he was ahead of his time just because he will say "I don't only know how to rap, I know how to make music. There IS a difference".

Young Stella is a force to be reckoned with. By being 27 years old, it puts him right in between the younger crowd and the older crowd. By being in that place, he learned to nail exactly what the younger and older wants to hear. He has his own swag, voice, and versatile lyrics.

  • Twerk That Work That3:47
  • Turnt To The Max4:00
  • You Can Catch Me Feat. Ya-Hiness3:27